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Bet Tv Shows

Viacom International Media Networks launcht 'BET Play' App weltweit Sie bietet aktuelle Serien, Kult-TV Shows, Dokumentationen, Stand-Up. Now, you can stream Black culture: the movies you remember, the TV shows you I also notice that the shows that are currently on BET aren't featured on BET+. Netflix is a streaming service that offers a wide variety of award-winning TV shows, movies, anime, documentaries, and more on thousands of internet-​connected.

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Black Entertainment Television (BET) ist ein US-amerikanischer Fernsehsender. BET wurde von Robert L. Johnson gegründet. Zielgruppe sind. Watch new episodes of your favorite BET shows anytime on your Android device – now with a new and improved design! Use the BET NOW. Sie bietet aktuelle Serien, Kult-TV Shows, Dokumentationen, Stand-Up Comedy, Entertainment News sowie Musikevents. Ebenfalls exklusiv. BET Her Presents: Queen Collective. See All Shows · House of Payne · Assisted Living · Sistas · Soul Train Awards · See All Shows · Full Episodes · TV. Now, you can stream Black culture: the movies you remember, the TV shows you I also notice that the shows that are currently on BET aren't featured on BET+. Being Mary Jane TV show on BET: season 2 BET has announced that their first scripted drama, Being Mary Jane, is returning on February 3rd. Tyler Perry's Sistas: Season Two; BET Sets Premiere for Drama-Comedy Series. Netflix is a streaming service that offers a wide variety of award-winning TV shows, movies, anime, documentaries, and more on thousands of internet-​connected.

Bet Tv Shows

Viacom International Media Networks launcht 'BET Play' App weltweit Sie bietet aktuelle Serien, Kult-TV Shows, Dokumentationen, Stand-Up. Being Mary Jane TV show on BET: season 2 BET has announced that their first scripted drama, Being Mary Jane, is returning on February 3rd. Tyler Perry's Sistas: Season Two; BET Sets Premiere for Drama-Comedy Series. Netflix is a streaming service that offers a wide variety of award-winning TV shows, movies, anime, documentaries, and more on thousands of internet-​connected.

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So far, I am really enjoying the app. Other than this, the service is great. Verleih 3 , Warner Bros. I love first wives club and bigger. Other than this, the service is Tankionline. Informationen Verkäufer Viacom International Inc. Publieke Omroepen. Movies with 40 or more critic reviews vie for their place in history … StreamPicker: Welche Magic Box Casino und Serien laufen bei welchem Anbieter? No extra costs, no contracts. So, what are Article 134 Ucmj best movies of all time?

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227 Show Full Episode S4E20 The Bet

The combination of David's lack of social skills with the right-on political correctness of LA's denizens makes for edgy, hilarious viewing.

Its titular duo consists of a gruff-voiced alcoholic grandad and his overly sweet and naive grandson, playing out a twisted version of Back To The Future 's Marty McFly-Doc relationship, as they embark on 'adventures' riffing on Mad Max , infinite alternate universes, The Purge — and, in one particularly famous episode, sentient pickles.

Dark, weird, unique, and sometimes emotionally perceptive — don't let its more annoying fans put you off.

And yet Father Ted really, really works. Dermot Morgan's Father Ted Crilly, punished for stealing the money was "resting" in his account, honest , lives with supreme idiot Dougal Ardal O'Hanlon and drunken nuisance Jack Hackett Frank Kelly , each episode cooking up some new madness for the trio to become embroiled in — with highlights including Ted leading a pack of terrified priests through a lingerie section as if they're in a war film, and a recreation of Speed on a milk float.

Wendy Carr Anna Torv talking to convicted killers in order to understand, track and catch current offenders. It has a lot on its mind, but it's never, ever boring.

And though The Handmaid's Tale sometimes suffers from being unremittingly bleak, some light and hope has started to show through the cracks.

Sparking real-life protest gear and any number of think-pieces, Tale 's big ideas are standing the test of time — and the show marks a stellar example of how to take a novel's key concept and run with it, the series weaving its own world from the threads established by the original writer.

A series of standalone episodes often set in worryingly plausible possible futures, the storytelling largely leans towards the bleak, shot through with Brooker's sardonic sense of humour.

From its Channel 4 days to its current home on Netflix, the series has consistently drawn big name talent — from Daniel Kaluuya and Jon Hamm, to Bryce Dallas Howard, Anthony Mackie and Andrew Scott — a testament to the filmic quality and cultural cache the series has attracted.

Each season has had a different flavour, but elements recur: world-weary cops, unsolved cases, multiple timelines unspooling different eras of the case.

The first season, with Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson tracking down the 'Yellow King', is widely regarded as its best — an important milestone in 'Golden Age TV' for attracting such star names, and a key text in the McConaissance.

But it endured, and rightly became known as one of the most audacious series on TV, effectively re-inventing the cop drama.

It eschewed much of the hard-nosed cop cliches but used them well when embracing them and presented a serialised mixture of drama and comedy, featuring a diverse cast of three-dimensional characters at a run-down police precinct.

It scored 98 — count 'em — Emmy nominations across its run, and won eight in the first season alone, while also becoming a template for the sort of ambitious TV drama that was to follow.

Aiming to explore universal concepts while creeping us out or making us think or both , Zone merged big ideas with popular ideals and proved that smart storytelling could work on television.

Once seen, rarely forgotten; especially with that unnerving theme and Serling's iconic introductions. The most recent iteration is overseen by Get Out 's Jordan Peele.

Sometimes, there's nothing like a bit of old-fashioned British pessimism, but that isn't the whole story, either — with real emotion in the highs and lows of the relationship between Tim Martin Freeman, in an early star-making role and Dawn Lucy Davis , and plenty of fun with the rest of the weirdos who populate the Wernham Hogg office.

Yet Laurie was the perfect person to bring the grumpy genius doctor to life. Diagnosing the cases that appear to confound others, he's a difficult character in the Sherlock mould, battling his own demons even as he fights the worst, most confusing medical issues in his patients.

Keeping to his personal credo that "everybody lies", he drives his staff to the heights professionally even as he castigates them personally.

Bringing a little extra spice to the medical procedural genre, House established a solid spin on a well-used template.

And Line Of Duty is just the latest example, the acronym-stuffed look at the efforts of a team of corruption-battling cops and the moles they just can't seem to squash.

Jed Mercurio who also whipped up Bodyguard has Martin Compston, Vicky McClure and Adrian Dunbar as the driven central trio of officers who must navigate twisty cases as they root-out wrongdoers from within and without.

It'll keep you guessing as to who's really manipulating events behind the scenes, while the dialogue crackles in extended interrogation sequences, and the show looks as good as anything from across the pond.

Absolutely, but in the best way. With its ultra-non-linear storytelling from the perspective of it unreliable androids, Westworld is ambitious, baffling, and totally thrilling.

Expanding on the robo-theme-park-gone-wrong premise of Michael Crichton's film, Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy's series deals in weighty themes like the existence of consciousness, the experience of time, and the morality of predestination — with all the astonishing production values and incredible performances Evan Rachel Wood, Thandie Newton and Jeffrey Wright in particular you expect from HBO.

It's not quite the new Game Of Thrones , but when its storytelling coalesces and its twists are unveiled, it's hard not to be swept along by its smarts.

Mirren is always watchable as Tennison, deeply ambitious and fiercely able, who nevertheless has to justify herself at every turn.

Later series saw her promoted, even as the challenges continued, but the series remained as great as ever.

Unafraid to probe into dark places, Prime Suspect has such a standing impact that it has generated both a prequel and a short-lived attempt to remake it for the States.

Bleak but brilliant, it gathers a group of characters from different walks of life and then subjects them to terrifying traumas on a weekly basis.

If anyone you know shudders when they see the perfectly charming and not at all psychopathic J. It comes highly recommended, but a word of advice if you go bingeing: have something lighthearted and fun to watch in between seasons.

Trust us. But showrunner Noah Hawley was incredibly smart, using the movie's faux true crime trappings and small-town setting while weaving his own story into them.

Del Boy and Rodney Trotter's doomed attempts to become millionaires kept the nation smiling for over 20 years and, thanks to constant repeats, they still manage to raise a giggle today.

Taking in comic book shops, rave culture, and video games, Edgar Wright, Jessica Hynes and Simon Pegg channelled their own pop-cultural obsessions and witty observations to spin gold out of a classic sitcom set-up.

Kicking the careers of the three creators and co-star Nick Frost into high gear, Spaced is uproarious but also heartfelt, never forgetting to make the characters into people you care about while riffing on different genres.

And the fact that only 14 episodes exist adds to the reason we all like it so much — it never overstayed its welcome. Without Spaced , there is no Cornetto Trilogy, so how's that for a slice of fried gold?

When it first arrived in , Arrested Development was so fiendishly clever, so densely plotted, so shrewdly ironic, that Fox barely knew what to do with it.

Despite Fox's best efforts to bury the show in strange timeslots, the Bluth family earned a feverishly loyal cult audience, one that eventually conferred upon it a Netflix rebirth.

The brain-melting ambition of Season 4 may have been a noble failure for some, and Season 5 didn't necessarily correct that, but its initial run remains one of the most innovative comedies ever produced.

Clear eyes. Full hearts. Can't lose. As memorable mantras for a TV show go, this is up there. Peter Berg's knowing adaptation of the H.

Bissinger book and the movie he drew from it, broadened the scope of the world and wrangled memorable characters that live and breathe.

Its young players are realistically flawed, and the team doesn't always win — which just makes it that much more watchable.

Plus, in coach Eric Taylor Kyle Chandler and wife Tami Connie Britton , we got one of the best married couples on TV, human people dealing with their lives but always leading with love.

And most importantly, especially for those of us in the UK, you don't need to worship at the church of the gridiron to appreciate it.

In its earliest days, this spin-off to Star Trek: The Next Generation felt like the storytelling was going to be by-the-numbers Trek, only on a space station.

Flash-forward a couple of seasons, and this is the show that broke the Star Trek mould, filled with flesh-and-blood human beings even if they were aliens , character arcs that frequently stretched over the course of seasons, groundbreaking storytelling and complex characters.

Some complained early on that this station-bound show didn't go anywhere — but really, this was the Trek that truly went where none had gone before.

Complicated, passionate and thrown together by Mother Russia, Philip Matthew Rhys and Elizabeth Jennings Keri Russell are fascinating creations: driven by patriotism but torn by the pull of their adopted home and the American family they raised as a cover.

They're conflicted killers, murdering people when the mission demands it — and the show doesn't shy away from the darker sides of their nature, finding inventive ways to dispatch innocent and not-so-innocent victims.

Elsewhere, the show provides some top-drawer needle drops and provides great roles for the likes of Margo Martindale and Frank Langella.

Sometimes vicious, often touching, always excellent. Having turned an insightful, frank and frequently filthy one-woman show into a TV series that allowed her to explore the emotional waters to a much greater degree.

Writing and starring, Waller-Bridge brought to life a young woman trying to reconcile her worldview and actions with the impact it has on those around her.

The show will make you giggle, but Waller-Bridge doesn't shy away from going dark when need be. Stellar turns from Olivia Colman and Sian Clifford have anchored the show through both seasons, while Andrew Scott was a highlight of the second, playing the character that will forever be known by fans as Hot Priest.

A straight zero on TripAdvisor, the very layout of Fawlty Towers itself offers comedy gold as Basil John Cleese , his wife Sybil Prunella Scales , waitress Polly Connie Booth and poor, benighted Manuel Andrew Sachs manoeuvre themselves and the odd corpse around its dowdy interior without ruining anyone's stay.

Basil, needless to say, fails. Often and hilariously. Stranger Things channels the era perfectly, mixing up a horror and sci-fi blend that hits you right in the Spielberg and Stephen King sweet-spot, depicting a seemingly quiet Indiana town that suddenly becomes a hotbed of terror as scientific tinkering unleashes an otherworldly dimension lurking beneath the surface or sharing a parallel space.

The show boasts a revolving door of period-appropriate faces Winona Ryder! Matthew Modine! Sean Astin!

Cary Elwes! An incredibly bingeable homage. Here, though, Greg Daniels overcame an initial stumble to make something compelling in its own way.

Steve Carell's star-making turn as Michael Scott is just the tip of the casting iceberg, though it's noticeable that the show was never quite the same after he left for big screen pastures.

The seemingly mundane lives of a group of corporate drones at a paper company make for entirely watchable, laugh-out-loud TV, and rather than just create a carbon copy of the British series, this Office fully embraced its American setting, using the different mores of US offices to power its comedy and characters, and offering a slightly sweeter outlook than the UK version.

Excruciating embarrassment never felt so good. Mads Mikkelsen played a slinky, stylish version of the eponymous serial killer with no time for the rude and selfish, and Hugh Dancy brought haunted passion to Will Graham, in a show that played out over three seasons before the plug was pulled.

Fuller and his co-creators at least got to indulge in beautiful, traumatic crime scene creations, superb gourmet cannibalism and a hero who was more complicated than most, all served up in the most baroque fashion.

We'd have liked more, of course, but we're grateful for what we got. Killing Eve cemented that idea, as she adapted Luke Jennings' Codename Villanelle novels into this funny, dark story of a low-ranked MI5 analyst Sandra Oh's titular Eve who becomes more than a little obsessed with a psychopathic assassin Jodie Comer's Villanelle.

And then Villanelle becomes just as obsessed with Eve, bringing a whole new angle to the cat-and-mouse spy game. Fiona Shaw steals scenes, and the rest of the cast make it work.

Spy series are ten-a-penny, but they've rarely been better — or funnier, or more unexpected — than this. After the twin successes of Buffy and Angel , Joss Whedon headed to space for this wonderful and deeply-missed mix of Western tropes, Chinese swearing, big damn heroes, and a future dystopia.

Set in a time when mankind has explored a new frontier as Earth's resources ran out, Firefly follows a group of rebels and mercenaries who work under the radar of an all-encompassing government formed after a brutal civil war.

They banter, they struggle, they fend off the space-maddened Reavers, and they make us care along the way. The ratings may have been low, but the show will not be forgotten.

They may not usually be people we can root for, but it's fun to see them scheme, squabble and, more often than not, fail in their attempts to break out of their regular lives.

Musicals, mayhem and no little misbehavior have become a winning combo. But for all its limited budget, 'Shacting', and occasionally silly aliens, the Trek universe would be nothing without the parent show.

Gene Roddenberry and his team cannily brought together big ideas and intergalactic vistas, then injected a healthy, adventurous spirit into the proceedings.

It's pulpy, it's fascinating, and it's at least partly responsible for the mobile phone you're probably reading this on.

The Shakespearean tale of a son Charlie Hunnam's Jax Teller dealing with the legacy of his dead father, conflicting with his surrogate father-figure Ron Perlman's Clay Morrow , and facing the moral struggles of outlaw life, Sons Of Anarchy sees crime, ambition and violence all bleeding together.

Under Sutter's guidance, the show steered through leadership challenges, rival gang attacks and trouble from corrupt and crusading cops, telling a compelling, often brutal tale that pulls no punches.

Jax's story may have felt like the foot came off the throttle slightly as the show neared its end, but it kept up the pace and has since spawned a spin-off show in Mayans MC.

Cleverly transposing Kelsey Grammer's beloved Cheers stalwart to his hometown of Seattle and shifting the broader format of the original show to suit the unique quirks of its new characters, the most successful spin-off of all time is wordy and wise and not averse to indulging in the odd moment of high farce.

Like the quality comedy theatre it aspired to emulate, Frasier's appeal continues to endure. Alan Ball's HBO series about a dysfunctional Pasadena family that runs an independent funeral home is a wonderful meditation on family, love and grief.

Hall, Frances Conroy, Lauren Ambrose and Rachel Griffiths, the cast, like every facet of this compelling production, oozes class, gifted with sharp writing and a finale that offers one of the most emotional wrap-ups in telly history.

MASH was a searing exploration of how the doctors and nurses of the th a mobile army surgical hospital, hence the title used humour to get through the atrocities they were faced with on a daily basis.

A sterling cast headed by Alan Alda kept the show riveting and hilarious throughout its year run, while its commentary on war continued to the very end, when, in the final episode, the unit's news reporter discusses the growing conflict in Vietnam.

Based on a film script by Michael Crichton, the series evolved into a weekly slice of emergency medicine at Chicago's county hospital, one that was separated from inferior imitators by smart scripts, great characters and a willingness to shock — from Dr.

Greene's bathroom attack, to Lucy and Carter facing a schizophrenic knife-wielder. The list of cameos, both in front and behind the camera, is as long as your arm, boasting such names as Quentin Tarantino, Kirsten Dunst and Ewan McGregor.

For all its formulaic nature, the show was consistently sharp and funny — and even, with its fourth series, Blackadder Goes Forth, showed off a beating heart, full of surprising compassion.

A brutal look at life behind the badge, Shawn Ryan's down-and-dirty drama basks in its protagonist's cavalier approach to right and wrong, and a reliance on street justice over the letter of the law.

It's to Michael Chiklis' eternal credit that, despite acts of murder, torture, theft, drug distribution and other transgressions too numerous to list, Detective Vic Mackey remains a sympathetic and highly charismatic character — you just wouldn't want to get on his bad side.

Set in an increasingly savage, undead-plagued world, Rick Grimes Andrew Lincoln and his not-particularly-merry band of survivors find themselves grappling not only with the flesh-eaters — sorry, 'walkers' — but also the living.

It's as much a show about survivalism and ethics as it is about gore and cool make-up — and it's done with characters we truly care about.

While the series' astonishing viewing figures have dropped in recent seasons, it's still offering shocks and major reinventions for loyal viewers, expanding the story in the wake of Lincoln leaving to watch how humanity tries to rebuild the civilization that was lost.

Critics can fire all the slings and arrows they like at the show, but there's a reason it became a monster hit that was more about humans than monsters.

Odenkirk, who had largely popped up as comic relief on the main show, here gets to demonstrate real depth and feeling as a con man sliding to a whole new level, dragging down friends and family as he goes.

It's a tribute to all involved that it works so well, with fellow cast members Rhea Seehorn as Kim, who loves Jimmy despite his obvious faults and is a better lawyer than he could ever hope to be and Michael McKean as Chuck, his troubled, cunning brother bringing real soul to the show.

Fey herself is the frazzled heart of the series as comedy writer Liz Lemon, trying to keep the madness from spiralling out of control on her SNL-alike sketch show TGS.

And there's a lot of madness. The creative duo plumped for the latter, bringing the great grouse detective bang up to date with texting, sexual innuendo, bromance and gusto.

Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman have long since entered the canon of great Sherlocks and Watsons, and their every move is charted by a massive, enthusiastic fan base.

Unafraid to show the true impact of the reactor's meltdown, Chernobyl explores the tragedy's effect on the people in the area, those called in to help and the political squabbling over who's to blame and how to deal with the fallout literally, in this case.

A fine cast boasting the talents of Jared Harris, Stellan Skarsgard, Emily Watson, Jessie Buckley, Adam Nagatis and Sam Troughton give what could have been a dry history lesson a very human set of faces, and the miniseries was justly rewarded at the Emmys for its trouble.

But while the first season wobbled, the second soared and sustained that quality all the way to its emotional finale. Retaining The Office 's 'workplace mockumentary' format, it ribbed the pernickety pedantry of small-town politics from the perspective of always-optimistic bureaucrat Leslie Knope, played with sheer brilliance by Amy Poehler.

As with The Office , its ensemble is faultless — most notable being grumpy libertarian Nick Offerman's alpha male Ron Swanson choice quote: "I need five courses for dinner, and each of them will be steak".

Despite being the worst plot device in history, it's hard not to have a soft spot for the cougar that menaced Kim Bauer back in Season 2.

Patience on the network's part paid off as Seinfeld , the show about nothing, became an unprecedented juggernaut. The audience fell in love with its four self-centred pals whose self-involvement draws them together, turning Jerry, Elaine Julia-Louis Dreyfus , George Jason Alexander and Kramer Michael Richards into household names.

As a reflection of society, the image is not a pretty one, but it is a classic. Unsolved mysteries never go out of fashion, and The X-Files was ready to explore them all.

Stand-alone monsters mingled with large mythology arcs, and the emotional stakes raised as the dangers deepened and we met more of the people in Mulder and Scully's lives.

Even as spooky, rain-soaked forests gave way to a brighter palette after the series moved to LA, the stories stayed strong.

At the core of it all, David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson deserve a place in the pantheon of TV partnerships — proven by the fact that the show suffered when Duchovny stepped away.

Still, when The X-Files worked, it really worked. With Cillian Murphy's Thomas Shelby as its anchor, Peaky Blinders has explored the struggles, triumphs and terror of the Shelby family as they cut a swathe through Birmingham and beyond in the early part of the 20th century.

Peaky has prospered and evolved through the years, attracting ever bigger names Tom Hardy, Adrien Brody but never sacrificing the narrative on the altar of star wattage.

Sticking close to history to power its storylines, Blinders continues to be one of the best sagas on TV. Ambrose non-fiction tome.

The fictionalised account of "Easy" Company, 2nd Battalion, th Parachute Infantry Regiment, of the st Airborne Division's training and dangerous missions in World War II provide the backdrop for affecting drama and nail-biting action.

Saving Private Ryan was the template, but Brothers allowed Hanks and the rest to dig even deeper into the soldiers' lives and the risky situations they entered.

At the time, it was the most expensive miniseries put on screen, but every penny is up there. Yet despite some early stumbles pilot Encounter At Farpoint is all exposition and less-than-subtle moral lessons, while the first two seasons see clunkers outweighing memorable episodes , The Next Generation grew into itself — fittingly, just as the crew's uniforms began to look comfortable.

Big new enemies emerged, the cast found its rhythm, and Patrick Stewart in particular shone as Jean-Luc Picard, a fantastic captain who carved his own niche and avoided being a Kirk clone.

The Trek universe grew bigger and richer with TNG , paving the way for further spin-offs that would only deepen an already rich mythology.

His adaptation of Tom Perrotta's novel — co-written with him — for HBO takes place three years after two percent of the global population vanished for reasons that remain unexplained.

The world is still trying to cope with the scale of the tragedy and the emotional ramifications, with cults springing up and madness slowly descending.

Performances from Justin Theroux and particularly Carrie Coon are our guides through this changed, traumatised landscape — but in Lindelof and Perrotta's hands, it isn't a total misery fest, the story shot through with black humour.

That'll be Deadwood. Set in the lawless Dakota Territory town when the disenfranchised of the world descended on the Black Hills to find their fortune, David Milch's masterpiece presents its frontier townspeople as disparate souls with morals muddier than the main thoroughfare.

Happily throwing traditional notions of good and evil out the saloon window, the show constantly shifted audience loyalties, presenting a world where every act, noble or not, has repercussions.

And in Ian McShane's foul-mouthed barman, Al Swearengen, we got one of television's most complex and interesting characters. Moore's Battlestar Galactica demonstrates what happens when it's done right.

But for fans of the multi-Emmy and Golden Globe-winning AMC drama, there's magic in even the slower moments as Don Draper Jon Hamm and his advertising kin negotiate first the perils and pitfalls of Madison Avenue, then a fast-changing America, often while sloshed on whisky.

A show of great moments the lawnmower, the death of Lane, Betty's shotgun, the LSD , it made an early bid for greatness and maintained it across seven seasons.

There aren't many shows you can say that about. That was the question on everyone's lips during as David Lynch's bizarre small town mystery unfolded on our screens.

A demon called Bob, a little man who talked backward, and minor pie fetish were just some of the features on display here.

But despite a healthy dose of surrealism everything fell into place — until the network encouraged them to wrap up the Palmer mystery in the first half of Season 2, and it was forced to pose new questions like, 'Who is Windom Earle and what in God's name is going on?

Then, 25 years later, as promised it happened again. A revival series, directed entirely by Lynch, brought back plenty of the original cast for an even darker, even more elliptically weird trip into the uncanny — proving Twin Peaks is still as confounding as it ever was.

But be honest: what could compete with The Simpsons at its height around Seasons , according to most people, though there's still gold to be found after that point?

Still, the continuing misadventures of Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and the multitudes surrounding them still find plenty of scope for laughs, commentary and pop culture nonsense.

It's already in the telly hall of fame, and continues to bring out great episodes at a higher ratio than some of its long-running brethren looking at you, Family Guy.

And so Doctor Who has kept going — albeit with a year blip — for more than 50 years. Evolving from the days of cardboard sets and plastic monsters which, let's be honest, were a big part of the show's charm to the much more polished, but still incredibly fun version of today, generations have grown up watching the series, delighting at the idiosyncratic main character and running scared from the various creatures the Doctor outwits.

It's a series that prioritises brains over brawn, shoots you off to the far corners of the universe, and is still not finished reinventing itself.

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The Hollywood Reporter. Retrieved April 17, The Futon Critic. December 4, BET original programming. Lists of TV programs broadcast by country.

Animax TBS. Shakthi TV.

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